KAMA Incense


KAMA Incense - Buddha Sticks

Love the scent of KAMA? These KAMA Buddha Sticks bring the scent to your home.
The incense of the magical East reflects the foundation of the beliefs of Buddha. That worldly beings are gentle, subdued in part, but vivacious in content, reflecting that beings inner self, enlightening his senses to those around him, bringing to those that fulfil this sentiment, that joy which abounds secretly within us all.


KAMA - The Original Indian Love Oil

KAMA was created by a New Zealander James Griffen in the 1970's. It was originally released through Sydney Boutiques in December 1971, and was an instant success.  James then returned to New Zealand in August 1972. By late 1973 KAMA Sacred Indian Love Oil was outselling some of the world’s top brands of perfume. 
Over the years a number of outer packaging's and descriptive wordings have been altered, but no original ingredients have ever been substituted nor formulations altered.  KAMA today, 35 years from origination, is regarded as a unique fragrance. It has stood the test of time and must surely rank as one of a kind in the realms of the ‘TRULY GREAT’. 


30 long burning incense sticks in each packet.