Kidz Alibaba Pants - Size 11




Another of our most popular selling items.. ALIBABA HAREM PANTS! Now in Kidz size!

Also known as genie pants! Hipsta Kidz love them!With an elastic waist band and elastic foot holes they are the comfiest, funkiest pants around! So much room to play in!When it's cold in Winter, chuck on a pair of leggings underneath! The AliBaba style differs from the original Harem as it has a high crutch & pockets either side for all your Hipsta Kidz goodies! 

The Options

5 Sizes that will cover ages 6months - 12years!!!

  • Size 1 (age 6months - 3years)
  • Size 3 (age 3years - 5years)
  • Size 5 (age 5years - 7years)
  • Size 7 (age 7years - 9years)
  • Size 9 (age 9years - 12years)
  • Size 11 (equivalent to a womens size 6/8)

  Hint: If you'd like these to last your Hipsta Kid for a few years make sure you buy the bigger size where possible..